Surveying and UAVs

SHN has provided surveying services for over 35 years, and we are now also providing services related to use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In a quickly and constantly evolving field, SHN surveyors, pilots, and information technology staff are creating new methods of mapping, measurement, and visualization using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and supporting data management systems.  Although UAVs are available at any electronics store, we combine years of surveying and flying experience with this new technology to add reliability and value to projects, as new applications are found.  We have provided UAV services to assist clients in these industries:

  • Agriculture and aquaculture businesses
  • Gravel extraction operations
  • Energy generation and distribution facilities
  • City and county public works departments
  • Large engineering and development consulting firms
  • State transportation departments

Traditional surveying services continue to be in demand.  Our surveying experience covers a range of land uses, including residential, commercial, and industrial development; urban and rural roads, streets, and bridges; highways; subdivisions; water and wastewater treatment facility sites; private and public forest lands; public and private landfills; and wetlands, estuaries, and bays and rivers (bathymetric surveying).

The following is a partial list of SHN’s surveying services. 

  • Topographic mapping
  • Aerial photography control
  • Parcel maps and major subdivisions; easement preparation
  • Property line surveys and adjustments; boundary surveying
  • Records of Survey; legal descriptions
  • ALTA land title surveys
  • Bathymetric surveying
  • Construction staking and surveying

Certifications and Associations


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