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SHN offers a competitive benefits plan; a brief description is provided below.

401(k).  There is no waiting period to enroll in SHN's "Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan." SHN provides a matching contribution of 100% for every dollar an employee contributes up to 3% of their compensation.  SHN also provides a matching contribution of 50% for every dollar contributed from 3% to 5% of compensation.  To receive the maximum matching contribution available (4%), employees should make a 5% deferral contribution.

Medical and Dental.  There is a 3-month waiting period for medical and dental coverage.  SHN pays 70% of the premium for medical and dental insurance. There are many plans to choose from.

Vision.  SHN self insures its vision plan.  SHN pays 80% of eligible optical/ophthalmological receipts up to an annual maximum of $200 per family member.

Cafeteria Plans.  SHN offers Aflac® Cafeteria Plans, which provide a menu and levels of benefits for employees to choose from, including pre- or post-tax employee withholding options. These plans include flexible spending accounts, accident/injury, and dependent care coverage.

Holiday and Vacation Accrual.  SHN utilizes a combined holiday and vacation accrual program, which allows greater flexibility when employees plan their time off.  The accrual schedule is 10 days of vacation for 0-2 years service (5.69 hours accrued per pay period); 15 days vacation for 2-10 years service (7.23 hours accrued per pay period); 20 days vacation after 10 years (8.77 hours accrued per pay period); and 8.5 days per year for holiday (included in accruals detailed above).

Sick Leave.  Sick leave is accrued at 1.85 hours per pay period for a total of 6 days per year.

Scholar Share.  The ScholarShare® College Savings Plan, managed by Fidelity Investments, is designed to help families save to meet the increasing costs of higher education.  The plan provides parents, grandparents, and others a tax-advantaged way to save for a child's college education and starts at only $15 per pay period through pre-tax payroll deduction.

Other SHN benefits are non-financial.  Part of the SHN company culture includes:            

  • Annual barbeques
  • Awards and incentives for outstanding and innovative performance
  • Birthday and holiday celebrations
  • “Business casual” dress
  • Company vehicles
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and kitchen facilities for employees
  • Employee contests
  • Firm-organized volunteer work, such as fundraisers and blood drives.  See Community Service Organizations.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Profitability, referral, and spot bonuses
  • Shower facilities (in Eureka and Willits offices)
  • Use of Corporate Costco Membership (Eureka)

SHN also offers the mandated benefits required by law. Such benefits include federal and state sponsored programs that aim to provide for the most essential needs of our employees and/or their families. Examples of three very important, and mandated, benefits include: 

  • Social Security
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance


Certifications and Associations


Corporate Office:

812 W. Wabash Ave.
Eureka, CA 95501-2138
Tel: 707-441-8855
Fax: 707-441-8877

Office Locations:

  • Arcata, CA
  • Eureka, CA
  • Fort Bragg, CA
  • Redding, CA
  • Willits, CA
  • Coos Bay, OR
  • Klamath Falls, OR

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