• Survey supported drone work

    Survey supported drone work

    SHN surveyors are bringing new technologies to traditional methods.
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  • Punta Gorda Lighthouse

    Punta Gorda Lighthouse

    SHN geologists, engineers, and materials inspectors testing concrete at this lighthouse, the most western point of the continental US.
  • Work-Life Integration

    Work-Life Integration

    SHN staff live where we work and play, such as kayaking on Ten Mile Lake, OR.
  • Caring for Forests

    Caring for Forests

    Water quality sampling is an indicator of forest health and sustainable management.
  • Community engagement

    Community engagement

    SHN, the Redwood Community Action Agency, and the City of Arcata organized a walkability assessment.
  • High desert groundwater monitoring

    High desert groundwater monitoring

    Work is great when this is your office.
  • Time for Reflection

    Time for Reflection

    Sure, we work hard but short commutes and nearby natural areas allow us the time for reflection.
  • Beauty in the small things

    Beauty in the small things

    SHN botanists captured this rare Castilleja mendocinensis that occurs in coastal bluff habitat in Mendocino County.

The Latest from SHN


Career Fairs at CR, Chico State, and Cal Poly Humboldt

SHN will send staff to the North Coast College and Career Expo at the Eureka campus of the College of the Redwoods (September 14, 2023), to Chico State's Technical Career Fair (September 21, 2023), and to Cal Poly Humboldt's 1st Engineering Internship and Job Fair (October 26, 2023).  Students of environmental and civil engineering, environmental and biological sciences, geology, planning, materials testing, and surveying should stop by the SHN table to pick up information in careers in those disciplines.  To save paper and limit waste, here is an electronic brochure that describes SHN; it shows what we do and who we are.  Hope to see you there! 

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Tribal Cultural Resource Mitigations Webinar

Sponsored by the North Coast Association of Environmental Professionals and the American Planning Association, Ethan "Red Eagle" Lawton, Tribal Liaison at SHN,  will be presenting on Tribal Cultural Resource Mitigations. The primary purpose is to provide non-tribal entities a better understanding of the purpose and outcome of tribal consultation, a brief comparison of SB18 and AB 52, determining a Tribal Cultural Resources (TCR's), establishing a threshold of significance, and the importance of collaborating with tribal representatives. This presentation will briefly cover Cultural Resources, definition and examples of TCR's, and TCR best practices. Q&A will follow the presentation. Register in advance for this webinar at this link here

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SHN supports AB 334, changes to Section 1090 conflict laws

SHN urges our clients--especially municipal, county, and special district clients--to support AB 334, which will clarify conflict of interest laws related to public works infrastructure procurement.  Currently, Section 1090 precludes professionals from participating in subsequent phases of projects if they have had any involvement in a previous phase.  This means that small and rural municipalities must contract with another professional firm, which might have little or no prior experience with the project.  The new firm's fees will include time to “come up to speed” and the time delay and increased fees are things that small and rural municipalities and districts cannot afford.  Download an AB 334 fact sheet here, and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to send an email letter of support for AB 334.

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SHN's contributions to offshore wind energy

SHN is continuing to assist the Humboldt Bay Harbor District as it positions to become a full-service facility that supports offshore wind development.  At the 70-acre Redwood Marine Terminal II site, SHN provided preliminary geotechnical investigations, a ground improvements analysis, foundation studies, an environmental data gaps analysis and work plan, a landfill gas investigation, topographical surveys, and a demolition and disposal plan. Our drone pilots flew several times during the pre-project planning assessment activities.  Our environmental compliance work on the site began in 1997 and remediation by in-situ chemical oxidation continues today.  In 2015, SHN began conducting an analysis for the pulp mill infrastructure, including the outfall and intake pipes, docks, discharge, and natural resources. 

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Looking for a change in the right direction?

A career is an individual’s journey of learning and work, and whether SHN is a quick side-trip or a long and rewarding segment depends on the similarities of our future paths.  SHN’s path is one that values enhancing our communities and creating a rewarding environment for employees and shareholders.  We value team work, life-long learning, and family, health and work balance.

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Featured Projects

  • Martin Slough Sewage Collection System Upgrade, Eureka, CA
    Civil Engineering

    Martin Slough Sewage Collection System Upgrade, Eureka, CA

    SHN’s redesign of the sewer system eliminated overflows to Martin Slough, saved the City and taxpayers $2.8 million in construction costs, and decreased future energy use by eliminating 13 pumping stations.

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  • Seismic Hazard Evaluation at an Operating Hydroelectric Dam

    Seismic Hazard Evaluation at an Operating Hydroelectric Dam

    SHN geologists investigated a known fault system to determine potential seismic hazards to the dam.  Trenchscan technology was used to record images that were later digitally merged to create a single image of the entire trenched area.

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  • Biological Monitoring for Willits Highway 101 Bypass Construction
    Biological Sciences

    Biological Monitoring for Willits Highway 101 Bypass Construction

    Beginning in 2012, SHN’s Biologist of Record managed a crew of 30 biologists that identified nesting locations of birds, prepared  and implemented salmonid relocation and dewatering plans, conducted Northern Spotted Owl surveys, and prepared daily and quarterly reports documenting the interactions between construction activities and regulated biological resources.

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  • “Hazmat” Investigation and Remediation at 46 CAL FIRE sites
    Environmental Services

    “Hazmat” Investigation and Remediation at 46 CAL FIRE sites

    Since 1995, SHN has performed environmental site investigation, hydrology studies, surveys, permitting, remediation design, and infrastructure evaluation and repair designs at 46 sites for CAL FIRE, the California state agency for real estate services (DGS-RESD), and the Division of the State Architect. 

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  • Low Impact Development of Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House
    Water Resources

    Low Impact Development of Grace Hudson Museum and Sun House

    With Ann Baker Landscape Architecture, SHN assisted in the design of the Museum’s new outdoor nature education facility, incorporating stormwater wetlands and bioretention areas, and encouraging groundwater recharge with infiltration trenches and permeable pavements.

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  • Materials Testing and Special Inspections at Frank R. Howard Hospital
    Materials Testing

    Materials Testing and Special Inspections at Frank R. Howard Hospital

    SHN’s field and laboratory efforts were observed and approved by inspectors from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), the agency that ensures safe healthcare facilities.

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    Peninsula Light Company in Gig Harbor, WA thanks SHN

    “The Peninsula Light Company and its members will continue to benefit from your efforts long into the future due to the project’s sustainability. On my part, I would like to express my congratulation and gratitude for the professionalism, effort, and persistence you exhibited during the execution of this challenging HDD project. I would be proud to work alongside any of your crew members and staff that brought success to this project.”

    — Dennis P. Walden, P.E.
    Peninsula Light Company

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