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Mike Palmer is SHN’s 2016 Safety Champion

SHN’s Safety Committee awarded Mike the title of 2016 Safety Champion plus a $100 Visa gift card.  Over 16 years, Mike has been safely working in a wide range of fields efforts at SHN, including drilling, excavations, confined space entry, mines, and asbestos and lead sampling and monitoring, without an accident or injury or lost work time.  That’s over 33,000 hours!  He is consistently safety vigilant, making sure that we are aware of near misses and close calls, and that we address conditions that created those potential problems.  Mike has recently taken responsibility for the safety program of our Redding office, working with Max Kaufman in our Eureka office, and Mike Foget, our Corporate Health and Safety Manager.

Mendocino College Foundation Gala Raises over $110,000

Mendocino County’s best food, wine, beer, champagne, and gifts were showcased at the Mendocino College Foundation’s Annual Gala on October 1st, which raised over $110,000 for the Foundation.  SHN supported the event by donations of both money and time; SHN Willits Principal and Regional Manager Tom Herman sits on the Board of Directors and is currently Chair of the Land Committee, which manages, maintains, oversees and makes recommendations to the Board involving the disposition of real property.  Tom has been an active Board member for 15 years, representing the Willits area of residence.

UAVs + 40 years surveying experience = 9 Siskiyou landfills surveys

Thanks Siskiyou County, for selecting SHN to survey nine remote landfills using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the latest image processing technology, along with typical surveying instruments such as total stations and GPS.  Surveying and mapping using UAVs is proving to be cost-competitive with traditional surveying techniques.  “Point cloud density” generated by photogrammetric methods can provide higher definition than standard grid and conventional survey methods, and UAVs are often more cost effective than manned airplanes, because they are more flexible with respect to weather, and they can be flown at lower altitudes, producing higher resolution images.

SHN tests 2,300 concrete samples for nuclear plant decommissioning

SHN collected and continues to test 2,300 concrete samples as part of the decommissioning of Unit 3 at PG&E's Humboldt Bay Power Plant. The decommissioning requires a way to access the non-operating nuclear reactor caisson for decontamination, demolition, and removal. However, any deep hole along the bay will quickly fill with groundwater unless an underground wall can be constructed that keeps the water out. PG&E contractors (including CB&I, DrillTech Drilling and Shoring, SHN, and many others) recently completed this circular underground wall.

With new PE licenses comes great responsibility

Congratulations to Cody Long and Dawnly Yang, who are now licensed, California Professional Civil Engineers.  Licensing exams are rigorous; the 2015 pass rate for the 8-hour “Principles and Practices” test was only 44%.   The pass rates for the other two additional exams, in surveying and seismic principles, were 51% and 41%, respectively.  Cody and Dawn studied numerous hours on weekends and after work to prepare for and successfully pass these three exams. 

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