Mendocino College Foundation Gala Raises over $110,000

Mendocino County’s best food, wine, beer, champagne, and gifts were showcased at the Mendocino College Foundation’s Annual Gala on October 1st, which raised over $110,000 for the Foundation.  SHN supported the event by donations of both money and time; SHN Willits Principal and Regional Manager Tom Herman sits on the Board of Directors and is currently Chair of the Land Committee, which manages, maintains, oversees and makes recommendations to the Board involving the disposition of real property.  Tom has been an active Board member for 15 years, representing the Willits area of residence.

The non-profit Foundation supports Mendocino College by educating leaders, fostering intellectual growth, and creating opportunities to invest in a better future for students and communities.  In 2016, over 200 students received scholarships and textbook vouchers totaling more than $220,000.  Applications for Mendocino College Scholarships will begin to be accepted on January 2, 2017.  Scholarships are based on numerous criteria, not limited to need or grade point average, and the Foundation will help you create a scholarship package that could include assistance with transportation, textbooks, and ability to attend school full-time rather than splitting time between school and work.

Thanks Tom for volunteering your time and energy to such a successful and needed program.  For more information, see the Mendocino College Foundation’s webpage.

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