UAVs + 40 years surveying experience = 9 Siskiyou landfills surveys

Thanks Siskiyou County, for selecting SHN to survey nine remote landfills using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the latest image processing technology, along with typical surveying instruments such as total stations and GPS.  Surveying and mapping using UAVs is proving to be cost-competitive with traditional surveying techniques.  “Point cloud density” generated by photogrammetric methods can provide higher definition than standard grid and conventional survey methods, and UAVs are often more cost effective than manned airplanes, because they are more flexible with respect to weather, and they can be flown at lower altitudes, producing higher resolution images.

The Siskiyou County landfills are located in Rogers Creek, Kelly Gulch, Hotelling, Cecilville, Tennant, Weed, Black Butte, McCloud, and Tulelake.  We are also providing on-call surveying services for Mendocino County, and have surveyed all of their landfills.  Other recent County clients include Lassen, Del Norte, Humboldt, and Lake.  Our surveyors and UAV pilots are very familiar with the special circumstances of working in remote and rural areas.

Many companies are starting to use UAVs but we support our UAV services with 40 years of surveying experience.  Surveying is a quickly and constantly evolving field, and our surveying and information technology staff is up-to-date.  We currently have five professional licensed surveyors on staff, with an equipment inventory that includes three sets of Robotic Total Stations and GPS systems, four fixed-wing UAVs, and four multi-rotor UAVs.  Post-processing also requires us to maintain a significant inventory of instruments and hardware, and software and computers.

We are currently providing digital terrain models, high resolution ortho-rectified aerial images, contour maps to specified increments, multispectral photographic images, and other products to agricultural and dairy businesses, gravel extraction operations, and a biomass power facility.

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